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CVN LETTER TO THE EDITOR GUIDELINES • BE TIMELY: If responding to a previously published article or letter, submit your letter within a week of the original publication date. • BE CONCISE: Published letters shall not exceed 300 words. Letters endorsing specific candidates during times of elections shall not exceed 200 words. All letters are subject to editing. • INCLUDE CONTACT INFORMATION: Include your full name, city, state, phone number. (We may call you to verify you really wrote the letter.) CVN will not print anonymous letters. • BE CLEAR: Make one main point. • BE ACCURATE: Letters that are factually inaccurate are not printed. • AVOID PERSONAL ATTACKS: Show respect for the opposite opinion. • DON’T WORRY IF YOUR LETTER IS NOT PRINTED: Even if it is well-written, it might not be printed if it addresses the same issue as letters already printed. All letters are subject to approval by the publisher.

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