Dear Carpinteria High School and warrior athletics: As a proud warrior alumni class of 2011, I was very disappointed when I returned this last Friday from Colorado to watch the warriors and my little brother play. 

This first thing I noticed when I parked was the athlete mural outside the gym was painted over. Those were not just figures up there. They were actual people/family members that were painted up there for generations of warriors, athletes and fans to enjoy and appreciate. 

Then when I got inside the stadium, I noticed not one logo was painted on the field or in the end zone. The field has thatch and dead spots all over. If lack of water is the issue why does the baseball field never look like that? Where has our warrior pride gone? I am proud of all those boys who go out every week to keep the warrior spirit alive. Warrior spirit is still much alive in these kids. Let’s do our part to help them. I hope the next time I come back for a game, the warrior spirit is shown loud and proud. If not, it’s time for a change.