I agree totally with Michelle Carlen (CVN Vol. 29, No. 22) that this dumping on our beaches is criminal and needs to stop immediately. I am writing this because Goleta has no recourse of public hearings and a newspaper which will print an opposing view like Carpinteria. 

The Santa Barbara County flood control runs this county and will use old permits to continue their dumping at any emergency. The pictures of military and government officials all proud of their debris removal looks like they just killed the last buffalo, as they brag about dumping 1,500 trucks into Goleta bay, which is so wrong on so many levels. 

The flood control tells everyone it is beach nourishment – since when is mud, large rocks, and boulders beach replenishment? Bulldozing dirt and boulders into the surf zone 100 yards offshore is the filling of Goleta bay. Please visit Goleta Beach Industrial dump site and see for yourself how Santa Barbara flood control is nourishing the beach while running over Goleta Beach County Park and its community.


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Lots of angst and no alternative solutions.

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