We Carpinterians seem to be very engaged with Measure T on the upcoming November ballot, not to minimize the significance of this issue, the Surfliner Inn and its implications for our town’s future.

But how about we pay some attention to an ongoing, chronic problem here in Carpinteria? Namely, our cell phone and internet services. I hear regular complaints and general dissatisfaction with Verizon, ATT, T-Mobile, Cox, Frontier, etc. services, with regular outages and lack of customer responsiveness and transparency.

And some want to bring more out-of-town traffic to Carpinteria? After visitors experience the same lousy cell and internet service we have come to expect and suffer with, you can bet they won’t be anxious to return to Carpinteria any time soon, regardless of whatever new hostelry we have to offer. Let’s put the heat on our cell and internet providers and insist they provide the services we pay for!