Founders and co-owners of Amore Sabino, Giacomo and Jazmin Lampariello, share a passion for high quality olive oil. The two were inspired to import their own extra virgin olive oil brand after moving back to Carpinteria, and thus, Amore Sabino was born, now available in Carpinteria, Santa Barbara and Ventura. Dip into the following interview before you run out for freshly baked bread and their organic extra virgin olive oil. 

CVN: Please share a brief background about how your business came to be.  

Giacomo and Jazmin Lampariello: The story behind Amore Sabino started when we moved back to Carpinteria and noticed that we couldn’t find any organic fresh extra virgin olive oil. We’ve been enjoying it for years and thought, ‘What better treat to share with the community than this?’ We brought it up to our family in Italy and they also thought it’d be a great idea and slowly but surely, we began to import.

What is the story behind the name Amore Sabino? 

Amore means Love, and Sabina is the name of the area where we produce the olive oil; therefore, we decided to name it after the love for the Sabina. This is an area 30 miles north-east of Rome. It covers most of the province of Rieti and it extends along the Tiber River. The logo is a Sabine woman; these women played an integral role in shaping the Sabina region, as well as the city of Rome. These women worked the land, planted crops and played a crucial part in society when the Romans required the men to leave to fight in the capital. These women have forever stood for endurance, courage, perseverance and honor, and without them we wouldn’t have the oil or area today.

 Is there a distinct taste to your olive oil? How do you describe it?

The Sabine Hills produce some of the best extra virgin olive oil in Italy. Chronologically speaking, it’s the first Italian Protected Designation of Origin (PDO) oil to gain the certification from the European Community. The rocky limestone combined with the area’s climate creates the olive oil’s low acidity and characteristic peppery taste. Amore Sabino is made with a mix of three olives – the Leccino, the Carboncella and the Rosciola, all from our estate – giving it a smooth and buttery flavor at the front, with a peppery finish at the back of your throat that builds the more you taste. The best moment is when you get to taste the fresh olive oil on some warm home-made bread.

Where can we purchase your olive oil locally? What is your website? 

Our product can be purchased on our website – – or at the following stores: The Good Plow (Carpinteria), Santa Barbara Hives (Carpinteria and Santa Barbara), Porch (Summerland), Montecito Mercantile and Montecito Grocery Store (Montecito), Folly Home (Santa Barbara) and Peirano’s and Findings Market (Ventura).

We also participate in markets throughout the year all of which we post on Instagram – follow us. 

What are your favorite Carpinteria eateries? 

My to-go place is Clementine’s Steak House. Not joking, we go at least once a month if not more. Just feels like home. The people are amazing and food – chef’s kiss! 

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