Carpinteria Chapter of Moms Demand Action

The newly formed Carpinteria Chapter of Moms Demand Action kicked off its campaign for common sense gun laws with a well-attended launch meeting on June 13. 

“Your kids, their kids, my kids deserve better,” Aja Forner told CVN. 

Motivated by the tragic elementary school shooting in Uvalde, Texas, Forner, along with Amy Harrison and Carly Bass, started a Moms Demand Action chapter in Carpinteria. The nationwide grassroots movement, Moms Demand Action, helps community members organize together to fight for public safety measures that can protect people from gun violence. 

“The day after Uvalde, I was scared to send my kids to school. School is meant to be a safe place, you drop your kids off and trust they will be there for you to pick up unharmed and someone took that safety away for many,” Forner said.

“Sandy Hook and Uvalde showed us these acts of gun violence are not limited to large cities. It can happen in small towns, towns just like ours and I feel very strongly that if I don’t help to create change with common sense gun laws, I have failed my kids.”

The local chapter, which spun off of the Santa Barbara chapter to make the movement more accessible to Carpinterians, already has nearly 100 people on its listserv and had nearly 40 people in attendance at its first meeting on June 13.

“We’re all feeling like we have this great momentum and community, and we want to take steps forward,” Harrison said, emphasizing that the group is nonpartisan and bipartisan. Harrison said community members are looking for ways to be involved and fight for changes that will help protect children, and Moms Demand Action will help channel this determination. 

The group has already succeeded in getting a secure storage resolution included in the Carpinteria Unified School District’s yearly enrollment packet, which is sent home with all students and families. The resolution will educate parents and guardians on their responsibility under California law to responsibly store any firearms and ammo into separate locked containers. Parents or guardians will need to sign and return the letter acknowledging that they have read and understood the information.

The quick implementation of the resolution – a major achievement for a newly founded Moms Demand Action chapter – came about quickly with the assistance of CUSD Superintendent Diana Rigby, who attended the first meeting and immediately agreed to add the resolution to the district’s enrollment packet. 

“Guns need to be locked up,” Forner said. “Not many people know about the secure storage resolution, which is state law and is punishable by jailtime. It’s good reminder to let people know that this is the law and please lock it away so it doesn’t end up in the hands of someone who shouldn’t have it.”

The next initiative for the group is a letter writing campaign to elected officials. Bass said that the group is looking for ways to keep the community safe and signaling to elected officials that the community supports safe gun laws and protections is important.

“We in California are fortunate that we are ahead of other states in terms of safety, but we still need to write our elected officials to thank them, to tell them, ‘we see you,’ and to work with other states to ban assault rifles,” Bass said.

Bass also added that Moms Demand Action is not against all guns, “we just want common sense gun laws to protect our children.”

The next Moms Demand Action meeting will be held on June 29, at 6 p.m. at Girls Inc. of Carpinteria, and then every two weeks throughout the summer. During the school year, the group plans to meet once a month. 

At the next meeting, in addition to the letter writing campaign, volunteer opportunities will be discussed and assigned for needed organizational positions like event planning and scheduling. 

To learn more, contact Follow along on Instagram at @momsdemandactioncarp.



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