On June 11 from noon to 1 p.m. Carpinterians will join the nationwide March for Our Lives gun violence protest, lining up along Carpinteria Avenue to protest for gun control legislation, organizers said. 

Nationwide, organizers are spurring support for gun control legislation following the recent school shooting in Uvalde, Texas, where 19 children and two teachers were killed at an elementary school. 

“I still want to send my thoughts and prayers, but that’s not good enough anymore,” Carpinteria protest organizer Susan Allen told CVN. “As an ex-teacher, I was just with a bunch of teachers, and everyone is just worried – who is next? Why? There’s no rhyme or reason to a lot of this.” 

She expressed her “heartbreak and frustration” in hearing about the Uvalde shooting, and explained Carpinterians are purposefully choosing to march in their hometown on Saturday, rather than heading up to join a Santa Barbara protest. 

“Carpinteria is really good about showing support for things. We don’t need to drive to SB to do this,” Allen said. 

Organizer Gail Marshall emphasized marches and rallies are Carpinteria’s way of responding to nationwide issues the community finds important. 

“Since I live in Carpinteria, I said, it would be really nice if we weren’t all going to Santa Barbara when these types of rallies and marches come up,” Marshall said. 

She said learning about the Uvalde shooting brought up “absolute sadness.”

“We have a huge problem in our country with gun violence,” she added. “We can’t have mass gun violence every day.”

The first March for our Lives demonstration took place in 2018, after 17 people were murdered and 17 more were injured at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida. Senior David Hogg was one of several students who helped launch and lead the massive gun violence protests in the United States following the shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas, where he was a student. 

March for Our Lives will march in Washington D.C. at noon, Eastern Time. 



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A UC Santa Barbara graduate, Asst. CVN Editor Evelyn Spence is going on her fifth year reporting on hot-button issues in Santa Barbara County. She is passionate about covering local, city and school board issues. Send tips to evelyn@coastalview.com.

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Guns cause violence, just like flies cause trash...right? Let's infringe upon the 2nd amendment. Sure, let's give that a try. I'm sure the criminals will respect those rules. I'm sure every law abiding citizen who owns a gun will be eager to place their fate in the hands of the state. I'm sure that's a precise solution to the problem of gun violence, rather than addressing the increase in mental illness among young men (I would take a closer look at the long-term effects of the medication force-fed to young boys for not behaving like polite little girls in the classroom [but that's just me]).

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