There are 860 mobilehomes in parks in Carpinteria, making up over 15 percent of the city’s housing stock.

On Aug. 31, 2020, Governor Newsom signed into law a bill that provides additional economic protection to residents of mobilehome parks. Assembly Bill 2782 will amend current state law to allow for local rent control regulations to apply to long-term space leases in mobilehome parks.

“This is a huge victory for Carpinteria residents,” said City Manager Dave Durflinger in a press release. “It closes a loophole that hurt our most vulnerable population. We expect this law to make mobilehome housing in Carpinteria more affordable and provide more protection to Carpinteria residents from the risk of economic displacement and home loss.”

Carpinteria City Council, the city’s Mobilehome Park Rent Stabilization Board, city staff and legal team all contributed to the passage of the bill. When the new law goes into effect January 2021, it will end the exemption of long-term leases from local mobilehome park space rent regulation. This exemption had prevented residents who had entered into such long-term leases from receiving the benefits of the lower space rent levels afforded by local rent regulations. 

Carpinteria’s 860 mobilehome park residences make up over 15 percent of the city’s housing stock and are affordable by design. When established in 1979, the city’s mobilehome rent stabilization program applied to all mobilehome park spaces and provided a measure of protection from the inherent vulnerability of being both an owner of a mobilehome and a renter of a space in a mobilehome park. 

Over the years, the Carpinteria City Council received letters and testimony from mobilehome park residents, most of whom are seniors and/or lower income families, stating that they had either been offered only a long-term lease or had been coerced into signing a long-term lease. Before Assembly Bill 2782, these long-term leases were exempted from local rent stabilization, and renters who entered long term leases unknowingly exposed themselves to rent increases outside of the City’s rent protections.  

Assembly Bill 2782 takes effect on Jan. 1, 2021, and at that time will eliminate the long-term lease exemption from local rent control on leases entered into after Feb. 13, 2020. After Jan. 1, 2025, the exemption elimination will extend to long-term leases entered at any time, including prior to Feb. 13, 2020.

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