Cate food drive

From left, Cate School students Lylie Bechtel ‘23, Ellie Tunnell, Paige Rawiszer and Kennedy Simpson collect donations outside of Albertsons for the school’s student-led food drive.

Led by student Ellie Tunnell, Cate School students collected nearly 400 pounds of food in a holiday food drive. The food will be given to Genuine Concern for Others, Inc., and the Foodbank of Santa Barbara County. 

Students Lylie Bechtel, Jengus Ercil and Paige Rawiszer also helped organize the drive, putting up flyers and working with local organizations. The students were assisted by Will Holmes, Cate’s director of community engagement, who helped weigh and deliver the food. 

“I’m really interested in food insecurity myself, and I have been working with Santa Barbara Food Rescue to get all of our food waste at Cate to local nonprofit organizations,” Tunnell said. “It is something that I have been interested in for a while, but I have never run a food drive before.”

“It’s a rewarding feeling collecting so much food and seeing all of the pieces come together (…) It took a lot of effort, but it was so doable. Everyone in the community wants to help out, and all of the people we connected with were so excited about students getting involved. It was great that it was so successful in the end, and now we have the experience to do more in the future,” she added. 

Tunnell said she hopes to run another food drive in the spring. 

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