Ruben James Organista

Ruben James Organista

"Behold a son.” Ruben James Organista, was born on Feb. 5, 2020, weighing in at 7 lbs, 12oz.

With five girls—four of them under the age of 4—running around the family house, the Organista Family wondered if there would ever be another boy. Although it has been fun, with a tribe of young girls playing dress up, dancing, screaming, doing craft projects, and all kinds of craziness, the family said, it was time for a boy.

When Matt and Sarah Organista of Carpinteria found out they were having another baby and that it was a boy, they were thrilled. Early in the pregnancy they named him “Chip” because Sarah craved potato chips. But they needed to find a name for this little human being to be called for the rest of his life and while it wasn’t easy, there was one name that kept coming up: Ruben, named after his Great Grandpa “Wow-wow” Ruben Organista.

When Matt was a kid, Grandpa Ruben took him fishing often, fueling his passion for the outdoors. He taught him how to tinker, which ignited his curiosity, and he taught him how to take apart, fix and build things. When Matt and Sarah were married, Ruben welcomed her to the family and began to take her for weekly lunch dates.

“Ruben” means “Behold, a son” in Hebrew. On Feb. 5, 1946, Ruben Organista was born, and 76 years later his great-grandson Ruben James was born on the same day.  

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