Wildflower Styled Shoot

Heather Day has a unique offering for brides and party planners: affordable, customizable and rentable floral statement pieces. 

After making a floral statement piece for her own wedding, Heather Day received so much positive feedback from her social media posts that she soon found herself launching a floral statement company: Floral Philosophy. What sets Day’s floral statements apart from most other vendors is her use of reusable materials such as artificial and preserved flowers, making her floral statements more affordable. 

Day, who moved to Carpinteria early last year, is a partial partner at the bridal boutique, The Dress, in Santa Barbara, owned by Jayna Staudt. 

“As I was doing my own things, clients from the bridal boutique were asking for floral vendors – as they usually do – and I was recommending people for fresh florals but they also liked my work,” Day said. “I ended up booking two weddings through the bridal boutique and things started to grow organically.”

Day quickly realized that by making her floral statements reusable, she could offer brides a better deal. Through Floral Philosophy, she sells or rents the base while offering options for customizing and personalizing each piece. In addition to brides, families have ordered Day’s statements for birthday parties, bridal showers, bachelor parties and more. 

“The philosophy behind my business is to give our clients the opportunity to elevate their event to a whole other level at an affordable cost,” Day said. 

Learn more at @floralphilosophyco on Instagram.

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