For The Food Liaison’s fourth annual Christmas in July fundraiser, it teamed up with Carp Skate Foundation, which has spent the summer in a final push to make the new skatepark a reality.

“It’s truly amazing, and so rad,” said Julia Mayer, foundation board member and skate-mom, who is one of the “supreme leaders” of this summer’s events and fundraisers.

The Christmas in July fundraiser started Monday, July 26, and features vegan sugar cookies by Rori’s Artisanal Creamery. On the first day, the community was already showing up to show support and the team was well on their way to selling out the cookies and receiving a donation of nearly $25,000 through a fund-matching pledge drive with over 20 local businesses and donors. 

“It takes special people to make special things happen,” read a social media post from The Food Liaison. “Thank you to Rori’s for signing on to be part of this special idea to help Carp Skatepark get closer to construction.” 

The Food Liaison decided to use this year’s fundraiser to raise awareness and help raise money for the new park.

Once 200 cookies are sold, the funds are “unlocked,” and the skatepark will receive the donations. Autumn Brands, Channel Islands Surfboards, Jordano’s and Glass House Farms are among the businesses that made a “$1,000 cookie pledge” towards the park.

City Councilmember Roy Lee came and supported the cause, and Mayer and fellow Carp Skate Foundation board member Peter Bonning were set up taking donations and giving out information on skatepark plans on Monday.

The Carpinteria Skate Foundation has raised over $1.2 million, and another $200,000 is all that stands between the Carpinteria community and the brand-new skate park. The plans by Dreamland are approved, the location near City Hall is set, and the skaters are stoked to see this park in action. 

According to the city website, if fundraising goals are met soon, a construction contract could be authorized as early as October.

There are many ways to donate toward the new park. The Carpinteria Skate Foundation is selling engraved fundraising bricks that will be installed at the park and can be ordered through the park’s website at The foundation also accepts direct and stock donations. To arrange for a donation, visit the website or contact Mayer at

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