Week 5

Rooke Juarez - Rooke usually trains with the A’s but is young enough to compete with the B’s. He is more than willing to jump in wherever he is needed, and his speed helped him earn second place at the Fiesta Competition. His attitude and hard work make him a strong competitor and role model.

Mackenzie Bennet - Mack is an all-around incredible JG that is inspirational to her teammates and instructors alike. She has received multiple ribbons at every competition for events including the long run, run relay, paddle relay and more.

Landon Reeves - Landon is a new addition to the A’s this year with one of our fastest run relay times. His determination allows him to stand out among the rest of the intense A-boy sprinters and long-distance runners. His drive and eager persistence earned him a spot on our very competitive run relay team for Fiesta that no surprise, took first place.

Natalia Perez - Natalia supports the A-group daily with her welcoming spirit, encouragement and authentic friendship. Not only is she kind but she is also a very important competitor offering her many skills in paddle relay, long run and Taplin. Natalia’s valued contribution to the A’s is a comfort and joy to everyone around her.

Lindsay Doyle - Lindsay is our top competitor in flags and is on the run relay team, earning fourth place at Regionals. She is quick on her feet and gets her game face on every time she is faced with a sprint.

Noah Morente - Noah is our top C-group boy competitor for flags and is the anchor for the run relay team. His run relay time is faster than some of the A’s and he has placed second in flags at Fiesta comp and Carp comp, and he placed third in flags at Regionals. Noah works hard and never complains. The C’s look up to him and he is a great role model with his humble and motivational attitude. 

Week 6

Whitney Meister - Whitney has been in the program for years on end and continues to be extremely fast. She was a strong competitor at Regionals, placing fifth in flags and second with the run relay team. Her speed and effort are always accompanied by a positive attitude and a smile.  

Dylan Walker - Dylan is the kid who walks up to me every day with enthusiasm and asks for a workout. He wants to work hard every single day and has never complained of any workout we have done. He tries his best and never forgets to smile. He loves hanging out with all the instructors and is always a ray of sunshine.

Holliday Smith - Holliday is one of our more competitive girls. She is one of our top long-distance runners and competed in Regionals her first year as a JG. She is willing to do any event we put her in, never complains and always finishes with a smile. 

Sam Ballat - Sam may be quiet, but he is speedy. He also placed second with the run relay team at Regionals and consistently does well in all of his events. His effort and talent make him one of our strongest competitors. 

Boo Ridge - Boo played a role in the first-place win at Regionals for run relay. His enthusiasm and willingness to work hard really pays off. He has a great sense of humor and is laid back but knows when to put on a game face and crush his events. He is also a top competitor in flags. 

David Kinghorn - Everyone knows who David Kinghorn is. He has great charisma and is friendly to everyone on the beach. He makes the best smoothies and brings them to JGs daily to share with instructors and friends. He always has a smile on his face, and he lights up the beach. He is one of the few A’s that does not complain.

Week 7

Giulia Piccoletti - When it comes to swimming events, Giulia is like a fish. She flies through the water and paddles with speed. Her positive and competitive attitude made her one of our best athletes.

Emily - Emily is like a mother to the A’s. She is constantly spreading her tender love and care to our group. Without her, the A-team would be without snacks and T-shirts on their annual journey to Santa Claus Beach. Emily’s kind heart and welcoming spirit are very appreciated. She is also a fast sprinter which keeps the other A girls on their toes. 

Matthew Endow - The A-group is very lucky to have Matthew practice with them this year. Although he may still be a B, he is one of the strongest swimmers beating most of the A’s in any and all water related events. Matthew shows up most of our A competitors with his swimming abilities, and has a wonderful attitude and kind heart.

Joseph White - Joseph has a kind spirit that every JG should strive to have. He never complains and does an excellent job at protecting himself from the sun. 

Axel Nordholm - Axel is always down for any task we give him. He has a positive attitude towards any workout and loves to paddle. He missed the first week of JGs due to a trip, which is when we timed everyone for each event. Axel showed up the next week and beat everyone’s paddle time by 30 seconds and was the fastest paddler in our C-group. He constantly carries a first aid kit and we feel very safe around him. He sets a great example.  

Connor Boyd - Connor is a big contributor to our flags team, run relay team and long run. He earned eighth place in Regionals for flags and contributed to our big fourth place finish in run relay. Connor likes to pump up the rest of his team and he’s a great athlete.

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