Throughout the last decade, Governor Gavin Newsom and his predecessor effectively nullified laws that were passed to get tough on crime and to make us safer. Three strikes laws have been gutted, truth in sentencing has been eliminated and certain crimes have been downgraded and recategorized.

Newsom offered early release to 76,000 existing prisoners, including 63,000 serving time for violent crime and at least 20,000 prisoners serving life sentences.

Homicide and property crimes are spiking in California. Homicide in California increased 31% between 2019-2020; homicide in Los Angeles County increased 34% between 2019-2020 and is up another 186% so far this year; homicide in Oakland has increased 52% over the same time period last year; and homicide in the Bay Area’s 15 largest cities has increased by 35% over the same time period last year. 

In California, car thefts are up by 19.6%, and commercial burglaries have risen by about 26%. Residential burglaries in San Francisco have increased by 78%, while property crime in San Francisco is so out of control that Walgreens has closed 17 stores, and Target is closing its stores early.

I call into question the integrity and character of a governor who promises to do more for crime victims, only to arrange the early release of tens of thousands of violent criminals as crime surges in California. You may accuse me of cherry-picking isolated incidents, but you’d be wrong. Governor Newsom has a storied history of obscuring deeds with words and offering apologies for morally challenged decisions.

It’s time to vote Newsom out and elect a new governor with integrity who will be tough on crime.