Carpinteria City Council has decided to send letters and resolutions against cannabis farming in Carpinteria to the county and coastal commission.

There are a few problems with that. Number one is that the city council listened to a group of 12 people who don’t live inside the city.

At the June 17 meeting, when the council decided to come out against cannabis, there was a Cate School rep, Shepard Mesa residents and Polo Fields residents, all saying that cannabis farming is bad. They also all said that the high school and other schools are suffering from cannabis.

No one from any Carpinteria school was there to corroborate that schools are suffering, other than a resigned school board member. Several people spoke in favor of cannabis farming because youth-serving nonprofits benefit from it.

Why is the City Council considering comments from the few? Seemed to me that the majority of people in the meeting audience were in favor of cannabis.

Those against cannabis have invited any media who will listen to shine a spotlight on how awful it is to be here. Why? Because media flocks to cannabis. It’s new. “Is it bad, or is it good? Tonight at 11! Small town suffers from newly legal reefer!”

Let’s get real. We are an ag town with greenhouses contributing in huge ways to the community. They changed crops, but Carpinteria hasn’t changed. The one real change is the angry reefer haters.

Guess what? You want tourism and home prices to suffer (which they haven’t), keep broadcasting how bad it is here. You’ll get your wish.

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