We have an opportunity to clean house. Helicopter sprayers that were overhead last weekend reportedly only dropped organic pesticides. The sprayers were worried about contaminating neighboring cannabis farms with pesticides like abamectin, so they had to opt for a milder organic spray.

Am I missing something, or is this a great outcome? Not only are sprayers hyper aware about drift, they are using a chemical that doesn’t fry all insects and other small animals on contact. Since cannabis must be tested by the state for pesticides, the state will now have records if the avocado spray goes off property. In the past, when it went off property, nobody knew.

The chemical they have used in the past, abamectin, says on its label that it’s highly toxic to bees and fish. I wonder what happens when it gets into creeks? No, thank you.

I see a future of conscious farming, maybe even a concerted effort locally to cut out the nasty sprays all together. Could Carpinteria become a completely organic agricultural valley? That would be pretty awesome. Let’s be leaders for our environment.

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