Carpinterians are well-known for protecting our precious environment. We are passionate about retaining our city's unique small-town charm. Make no mistake, well-planned under-development is the main ingredient to our successful recipe. Take a look at our edges: Carpinteria State Beach against the Pacific Ocean and California Channel Islands; Carpinteria Bluffs Nature Preserve, saved from development by our citizens; Carpinteria Salt Marsh Reserve and the Los Padres National Forest.

All lives are enhanced by open space, which becomes rarer and more valued as time marches on. Bit by bit, space is closed in, views are lost, setbacks become smaller, buildings become taller—and so begins the urban squeeze.

In 2013, the city paid $766,457.82 to purchase a 75-foot-wide Green Urban Beltway that runs west from Tomol Park at Linden—past Elm and through Holly avenues. The land spans two long blocks of beach-neighborhood households along the southern edge of the railroad tracks and serves as an environmentally friendly green open-space beltway connecting Tomol Park and the Salt Marsh.  

Since the 1920s, generations of children have been raised in the Dorrance subdivision enjoying this open space. It is the last remaining undeveloped open corridor in the Downtown Beach Neighborhood. A councilman confirmed this beltway was not purchased for a parking lot.

We reject sacrificing our Green Urban Beltway to enable a private developer to build a hotel on our City Beach Parking Lot. We reject traffic hazards, environmental pollution, light pollution, noise pollution, air pollution, water run-off pollution, pedestrian endangerment and privacy invasion. We reject losing mountain views. We choose protecting our open-space green beltway over assisting a private hotel developer.

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