Calling the members of our City Council corrupt is the ultimate in misuse of our common language and certainly not anywhere near accurate. (See the letters to the editor in the Jan. 28 issue of CVN.)

Corruption generally means personal benefit by nefarious means, like bribery. Think Trump, think Epstein, think Putin, think Idi Amin… But Carpinteria’s duly elected, barely paid City Council members? Pure hogwash!

When someone does not agree with you, it is not corruption, it’s a difference of opinion. It’s a larger view that overrides your self-centered view for the betterment of a larger population.

Land use decisions are not popularity contests. Should we just put everything on a ballot and hope for the best? Talk about self-interest! We have citizen-established guidelines like the General Plan, neighborhood plans, zoning laws, public benefit, etc., which supersede the beauty contest of opinion. Sheer numbers of people yelling for or against land use decisions is not how we make decisions.

Maybe you have no idea how much work these council members are required to do. Individually and as a group they examine budgets, work programs, attend endless permanent and ad hoc committees, direct lawsuits, attend conferences, answer speaking engagements and hold two or more City Council meetings every month, to name a few things. Corruption? What crap.


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Jane is right- a difference of opinion on a proposed project is no justification for alleging self interest or worse. The hotel was proposed by the City because it is City-owned property and has the potential to generate much needed income, and has the potential to invigorate a desultory downtown. Like any other proposed project it will go through a proper review process with plenty of opportunity for public comment.

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