All Carpinterians who are registered voters should have received their ballot for the special election to recall Governor Gavin Newsom. In case you’re wondering how this recall election came about, the California GOP – having lost the general election 62% to 38% – immediately set to work trying to recall the winner. After several failed attempts, they finally succeeded because a judge gave them five more months to collect signatures than is permitted under the law because of the Covid-19 pandemic. Now we are having an election just a bit more than a year before the next general election at a cost of more than $200 million.

While I have issues with some aspects of Gov. Newsom’s job performance, none of them rise to the level of justifying a recall. California has a lot of complex problems and it’s reasonable to give someone the mandated four-year term to tackle them. Do we really want to replace him with someone who will ban mask mandates, overturn environmental protections and completely mishandle our water crisis? While the Democratically controlled legislature would prevent any of these wannabe governors from doing too much harm before the next election, do we really want chaos in Sacramento at such a challenging time?

Republicans are hoping that that this recall election will succeed due to voter apathy – let’s show them that they’re wrong. Return your ballot with the question “Shall Gavin Newsom be recalled from the office of Governor” marked No.