Thinking ahead to the potential advent of a vaccine for Covid-19, concerned employers may tell their employees, “you must get vaccinated to work here.” As a condition of employment, employees often must take a drug test and school children must be vaccinated against several communicable diseases, so it isn’t a big step for an employer to require Covid-19 vaccinations to protect their other employees as well as their customers.  

Some public-contact businesses may use “100 percent vaccinated employees” in their advertising, and customers may look for that reassurance before getting their hair done or entering other stores and restaurants. I am old enough and vulnerable enough that I would look for and demand that reassurance of protection against the 20 percent to 40 percent of people who say they will not get vaccinated. 

After people start getting vaccinated, the first thing to go away will be masks, so how will I know the clerk isn’t infected and liable to infect me without the business requiring vaccinations?

Early reports indicate that the health care provider who gives you the shot will supply a card showing the type of vaccine and the date of the injection so proof of vaccination will be available. I urge Carpinteria businesses to begin planning on how they will demand, use and keep records of that proof and help stop the spread of the deadly virus. 


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