Where’s the California Avocado Commission? Are they going to just stand by while the marijuana industry muscles its way into the Carpinteria Valley and intimidates avocado growers and their livelihood? These marijuana growers are only in it to make a profit before the federal government steps in. The fox is in the hen house, it’s time to fight back.

Most of these avocado groves have been passed down from family to family for generations—the Bailards, Blisses, Browns and Delwiches, to name a few. I would suggest that we Carpinterians write to our federal attorney general and get him to start enforcing the federal law against marijuana.

The marijuana growing problem will not just be our problem, but statewide. I suspect pretty soon pot growers will say that whatever is sprayed on strawberries or any other type of fruit or vegetable is going to harm their federally-illegal operation. Wake up, Board of Supervisors, especially you, Das Williams. The avocado growers do vote. Support our local avocado growers.

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