Regarding Alex Pulido’s letter in last week’s paper, “Our school employees need a positive union rep” (CVN, Vol. 25, No. 32), it’s unfortunate that he couldn’t understand the “gibberish” school labor union leader Jay Hotchner used to address the school board at their last meeting. One must avidly watch school board meetings and be privy to a lot of “closed session” conversations to truly grasp the depth of what he was saying. But you can rest assured, the board knew exactly what he was talking about.   

What is actually costing the district a grotesque amount of money is their blunders, missteps, incompetence, back-door dealing and general lack of reverence for protocol. They are spending thousands on their lawyers to cover up and “fix” their myriad mistakes. If they simply played by the rules and respected the contract, they would find that not only would Mr. Hotchner have much less work to do, but so would they.

Mr. Hotchner does not have “negative actions.” Instead, he has responses to the district’s poor decisions. Fortunately, he is the most hard-working union president who is tirelessly working for the good of our members, making sure that our contracts are followed, our evaluations are fair and our interests are protected. Mr. Hotchner, above all others, is constantly looking for constructive ways to solve problems and he fights for our rights.

What Mr. Pulido saw at that meeting, was a person fed up and sick and tired of the district’s and the board’s bad behavior and he is not alone in his frustrations.

As Mr. Pulido suggested, our students do need good role models and do need to be actively engaged in civic conversations. To that end, our kids need to see the truth of what is going on. Kids need to see that they have a school board that didn’t listen to one single thing that people said and did what they wanted to do in the end, regardless.

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