Our city management and the citizens of Carpinteria hold a sacred trust. Carpinteria is absolutely the last city of its kind on Southern California’s coast. To open it to further development on any scale would be a sacrilege. Many Carpinteria families, second, third and some fourth-generation natives, would never forgive what further development would do to their city.

Carpinteria for years was one of Southern California’s best little weekend getaways.  Over the years, with all the development that has encroached on her, she has become little more than a freeway off ramp. If you dare, try to get somewhere by car, or just stick your head out the door between six and eight on any weekday morning.

Carpinteria because of all of its charm, tradition and history will always be in the sights of some development outfit or another. I mean, it’s what they do.

Now to this charming little hotel at the train station that has yet again raised its nasty little head and appears to be gaining favor. Other municipalities have shown us that the added income generated by this kind of development is soon offset by the added burdens imposed on city services, often leading to increased taxes.

With such a hotel in place, there will also be proposals for more shops and businesses catered for the hotel guests’ convenience.  

Lastly, I wonder just whom has been promised what? How much added income has been forecasted? How much have the developers said is going to be generated? If guests drive to the hotel, what impact is the added traffic going to have on what is already a pretty substantial burden?  

All who cherish Carp and the way of life she affords must stand against this kind of commercial development

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