The Surfliner Inn developers stated their inn will “uplift the ambience of the downtown” in their Viewpoint published in last week’s Coastal View News (Vol. 27, No. 46). We already have a “classic, small beach town” ambience that would be irretrievably altered by this inappropriate development. If beach parking lot #3 is “underutilized” (aka wonderfully uncrowded), why does the developer boast this project “will add more parking”? 

The alleged revenues from this development will not go to our schools or to our library. In addition, we already have several perfect venues for nonprofit fundraising events, such as the Lynda Fairly Carpinteria Arts Center courtyard and the gracious community garden. Additionally, the exciting upcoming project at 700 Linden Avenue just may be all the new “ambience” we need. (Personally, I hope Beach Liquor and their best burritos get to stay.) 

Most importantly, in the Surfliner Inn’s Viewpoint they incorrectly stated that the November 2022 potential ballot initiative would allow a five-story residential  development to be constructed on this parking lot. Oh, please! By collecting signatures, the concerned Carpinterians’ intent is to save the space and leave it untouched, free from commercial buildings and to try and change the zoning to open space/recreational.

Let’s keep Carp classic. Keep Carp special. Keep Carp small.