As someone who has spent 25-plus years both visiting (and living in) Carpinteria, as well as reading the Coastal View News, I would just like to say that the homeless/vagrancy problem seems to be getting worse in Carpinteria (as is the case all across Democratic California). I didn’t even feel safe on Linden (of all places) the other afternoon. I can only imagine how all of those “women and children” you are always so concerned about must feel.

Considering that violent attacks are up all over the state due to homelessness, you may want to start addressing this issue instead of wasting your time talking about fake impeachments and scandals that have no effect on anybody but those in power. I see way too many ignorant comments in CVN following mainstream media narrative control (designed to interfere in our election to the benefit of Democrats). None of these fake scandals will matter when more businesses close down and people flee this state in droves due to complete failure on a state level. To those who oppose the president, let us know when you are willing to work with him to fix these problems instead of making them worse by doing everything “your way.”

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