Why are the churches silent today? Jesus wasn’t. (Neither was Moses)

Jesus stepped into the public square and took a position related to pressing matters like disease prevention, high interest rates charged to the poor, discrimination, violent factions, empire building, fair taxation and big government.

Back then, the issue in prevention was widespread “demon” infestation; today it is vaccine fear and mental health. Then the issue was temple money changers; today it is payday loan predators.

Then the issue was mistreatment of Samaritans and displaced fishermen; today it is immigrants and minorities. Then the issue was zealotry and Peter’s sword; today “liberty” gun action advocates.

Then the issue was Rome’s legions in Palestine; today it is America’s endless wars and foreign occupations. Then the issue was the rich “casting in” (paying taxes) only on their unearned excess, not their actual earnings; today it is regressive taxation.

Then the issue was adult children sidestepping care of their elderly parents (Jesus called this process “Corban,” or shifting responsibility to the government); today it is federal and state takeover of local and private welfare programs.

It is time for the churches to encourage civic participation by their members, stressing politically ethical (constitutional) approaches and policies.