Rewording the opening lines of the theme song from a long-ago popular TV show, “Those were the years that were. They’re over, let them go…” We need to “let them go” by learning from mistakes in history without making chaotic attempts to erase them or physically destroy them. Our country isn’t perfect and never has been, but we need to be both rational and reasonable about approaches used in the constant search for improvement. 

In this regard, I am referencing both political parties when I say we definitely need better people representing us in Washington D.C. Frankly, I don’t think our present educational system is providing young people with a true understanding of U.S. history, including the successes and failures of those who came before us. I believe this is a major reason for our present problems. Our ancestors, living in a totally different era, did accomplish good things and we definitely benefit from their efforts. Consider the U.S. Constitution. Where would we be without it?

Here is a suggestion: Anyone who would prefer to live elsewhere should be offered a one-way plane ticket to that location. In return, such an individual would give up his/her U.S. citizenship and all related services for a period of three years. After this period of time the person could, upon request, have citizenship restored upon proof of a previous three-year history void of problems.  

Those who choose to participate in the three-year plan and live elsewhere would gain a tremendous out-of-the-classroom education. Some may choose to remain where they are. However, I speculate that a vast majority of them would want to return and have U.S. citizenship restored. And, I suspect that after experiencing life elsewhere, they would be good and productive U.S. citizens.


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