The left is continually attacking “the foundational ideas of American governance.” Today, their target is the electoral college.

Article two of the U.S. Constitution grants the power to elect the president and vice president to the states through the electoral college. The electoral college is a blend of the pure democracy of the U.S. House and our federal system with two senators from each state and three from the District of Columbia. The electoral college was designed to prevent the tyranny of big states, as was the Senate that affords all states equal representation. Otherwise, California and New York would pick the president every time.

Why is the electoral college important? It gives rural states with lower population an equal voice. It forces candidates to moderate their views, create coalitions and appeal to voters in desperate areas. The electoral college is not about outcomes, but process.

What would it take to get rid of the electoral college? A constitutional amendment that gets 2/3 votes from each house of congress and is ratified by 3/4 of the states.

Today there is a movement by several states to go around the constitution and nullify the electoral college. These states would require all their electoral votes be assigned to the candidate who wins the popular vote. This is unconstitutional, stealing votes and disenfranchises voters.

People who want to get rid of the electoral college are uneducated about the Constitution and want a socialist one-party rule.

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