What is going on with local government these days? From our city of Carpinteria to the county of Santa Barbara we have seen a hunt for tax dollars at the expense of quality of life for local citizens. When the tax increase was put on the ballot for Carpinteria and passed, we were told it would shore up city finances. Apparently, more is better. The Train Station Inn that was proposed by the city of Carpinteria received no proposal from developers, so they went out looking for one. All in the quest for more taxes.

The cannabis free-for-all in Santa Barbara County is another prime example of a massive tax grab at the expense of residents. Both issues receive input from citizens that were concerned about the impacts. In both instances the elected government officials disregarded the concerns of the residents. What we have in Carpinteria and Santa Barbara county is very special.

Our community deserves politicians who have the same values as our community and listen to the residents. I have been told on multiple occasions by politicians that there is a silent majority that wants what they are voting for even though there are plenty of vocal residents against what they are promoting. If the silent majority exists, they should speak up. I say listen to the not-so-silent majority and save our community before it’s too late.

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