Both of my children have attended CUSD since Pre-K. My husband Grant Cox attended Aliso, Carpinteria Middle School and Carpinteria High School. We are, and have been, avid supporters and advocates of our public-school system in our awesome community for years.

In February of this year, for multiple reasons and issues, including my uncle being diagnosed with cancer and dying, we pulled our son out of Carpinteria Middle School. He now attends Laurel Springs, an online accredited private school. He will resume at Carpinteria High School for his ninth-grade year. He did not fit in the box of Carpinteria Middle School, and that is okay.

I applaud Superintendent Rigby for her efforts, and for implementing a position at Carpinteria Middle School which is, and has been, so desperately needed. I applaud the CUSD School Board for supporting her efforts. However, if we really think about it, the funds that came to CUSD for this positive position are no different than other sources of funding—it’s just a different crop, and a legal crop.

The growers of Carpinteria have always given to our schools and to a plethora of other nonprofits in our community, and they continue to do so. May I suggest to those who are again complaining, that they come out of their boxes and stop trolling and spewing unfounded, irrelevant, misinformation on social media sites such as Facebook, Nextdoor, or in the L.A. Times, Santa Barbara News-Press, KEYT and Coastal View News.

Perhaps show up at a fundraiser for CUSD and give and support, be positive, as opposed to complaining—and may I say once again, take a few steps back, breathe, and remember you live in Carpinteria.

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