It has come to my attention the Carpinteria Unified School District has accepted a significant donation from CARP Growers for the benefit of funding a counselor at Carpinteria Middle School. I support this decision 100 percent.

This decision, to allow a very generous donation from Carp Growers to go toward helping our local youth, is exceptional. But, there’s an archaic mode of thinking for a lot of individuals opposed to cannabis in our town, and I’m sure some are against this donation. Cannabis is legal in California, so local growers should be able to carry out their business freely. Of course, there should be strict regulations for these practices, and businesses or individuals that are non-compliant should not be allowed to operate.

There’s a lot of old fashion thinking going on though. A lot of dissenters have been brought up with the idea of thinking that cannabis is an evil drug in the same mold as cocaine and heroin. The whole “Reefer Madness” generation should perhaps step back a bit and let new and fresh modes of thinking dictate how we can help our community.

We have an unprecedented opportunity to do something amazing in our town. Carpinteria can set the bar in pushing forward a blueprint for how cannabis can help a community. The schools have needs and there is not enough money to fulfill those needs.

I think CUSD and the school board stuck their necks out big time in accepting this donation, and I applaud them for that. I wholeheartedly support CUSD and the school board for allowing this donation. I believe their responsibility in maintaining our children’s physical and mental well-being is their overall priority.

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I agree with the Hamptons on the general issue of cannabis. Thank you for expressing your opinion and views. I voted for the legalization of cannabis. But I am also aware of the research into the effects of cannabis on young minds and the law which states that cannabis, alcohol, and cigarettes can only be legally consumed by those age 21 and above. So, when $189,000 of cannabis money is paying for a drug/alcohol counselor, the credibility and effectiveness of that counselor is as thin as the first student who connects the dots and says, "Why should I listen to you when you're paid w/ drug money." And when the CSUD superintendent and a flock of other school leaders (not CHS) take their picture in a marijuana grow, they acquiesce to and provide tacit approval of its use by young people. And CARP growers donation looks like an attempt at political influence when they could have donated that money to other non-profits who support education rather than giving that money directly to the schools. Cannabis is not the villian here; the decision of school leaders to take their photo in a marijuana grow and take marijuana money for drug counseling is what many people think lacked leadership and vision.

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