The skatepark will be the perfect addition to Carpinteria. We spend most weekends driving my boys to various skateparks where we watch them challenge and exhaust themselves and then usually grab lunch and a smoothie or ice-cream and spend money in the local stores.

We’re not alone – in fact, most families of young skaters you speak to do the same. The Carpinteria Skatepark will be a benefit not only to our youth, but also to those in surrounding areas and tourists who will come to not only enjoy our world class skatepark, but also to spend time and money exploring our town.

Skateboarding benefits our youth in so many ways. It is a means for them to get around and to expend their energy in a positive way. It provides an opportunity for our kids to get outside, stay active and be athletic while engaging in a positive alternative to typical team sports.

Let’s get our skatepark built. It’s time to give back to today’s youth and in turn drive traffic to our local restaurants and shops.