I have lived in the Carpinteria area for over 20 years and I am given a choice each day to either be outraged or to seek solutions to problems in my home town. My attitude will either spread like wild flowers or like weeds depending on my choice. I can reap the rewards of solution-oriented thinking and action or I can express how upset I am about each issue that affronts me. But before I take sides, I try to analyze complicated issues rather than resort to easy comparisons. I try not to leap to worst case scenarios because what’s the point?

As a long-time resident of the Carpinteria area, I wonder about the reputation of Carpinteria when readers, especially visitors, read such dire warnings about our town and our country in the letter section of CVN. Fear and narrow-mindedness contribute to the public face of Carpinteria. It is time for some to reevaluate the purpose of writing letters to the community because if you’re not writing to contribute to a solution, you’re just writing to validate your curmudgeonly attitude toward the world. And to repeat myself . . . what’s the point?


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