I’ve previously written that Joe Biden is “my” president and I want him to do well. I’m close to conceding that won’t happen. Presidents inherit tough conditions when they take office. However, in what seems to be an insatiable desire to undo accomplishments of Donald Trump, Biden has created absolute human disasters at our southern border and in Afghanistan, shut down various oil operations and explorations – leading him to recently plead with OPEC to increase production to meet U.S. need for oil – provided no response other than “don’t come here” to Cubans protesting a socialistic regime and wants to add another five trillion dollars in debt and deficits. His vice president, Kamala Harris, isn’t even popular in the Democratic Party or with her working staff. She has accomplished absolutely nothing to ease human suffering after being put in charge of the southern border crisis. I try to avoid exaggerated statements, but the thought of a future President Harris frightens me.

I dislike writing this, but I do believe Biden’s decisions have caused unnecessary deaths and suffering for many people (both Americans and foreigners) and made our country much less safe and considerably less respected than it was back in January. The fact that he seems totally oblivious to the situation that he created at our southern border with Mexico is outrageous. He spends far too much time blaming others for problems he creates. He is seldom available for questions and appears to read from notes or a teleprompter when he talks to the public.

As of now, I believe voters made a huge mistake in electing him president of our wonderful country. This is America. You have every right to disagree with me. I sincerely hope liberal friends and colleagues can make me feel better about Joe Biden.