I voted for Donald Trump.  I have intelligent and caring liberal friends who voted for Hillary Clinton. I respect their choice. My sincere belief is that Barack Obama was a feckless president of our great country. I did not voted for him. I genuinely believed that his far-left liberal views would be harmful to the nation’s welfare. Obama was presented with the opportunity to promote the advantages of the diversity that exists in our society and nowhere else in this world. In my opinion, he failed miserably. Trump and Clinton both carried heavy negatives and character flaws. I believe Clinton doomed herself by promising to promote the successes of President Obama… She failed to carry rust belt states and other swing states where working class voters said “enough” and expressed dissatisfaction with both Democrat and Republican politicians. I was impressed and encouraged with the responses from middle-class, hard-working Americans. And, it is long past the time when we should bid the Clintons adieu.

Trump defeated two powerful political establishments and a heavily-biased liberal media. I acknowledge that Trump is often his own worst enemy and would be better off using less bombastic rhetoric, but he is attempting to follow through on campaign promises. The economy is booming. My overall wish is that members of the executive and legislative branches would “grow up” and work together to benefit the country.

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