I am very concerned with the proposed cuts to staff at our local schools and how it seems our district and board are “hiding” staff cuts. If you look at the Carpinteria Unified School District’s proposed budget cuts, we might be:

1. Losing our long-term bus drivers (they are being cut to six hours, losing full health coverage and will be asked to work split shifts).

2. Cutting our high school library tech to only four hours a day, causing this person to lose benefits, and to have a busy, well-loved feature of the high school closed for most of the morning.

3. Eliminating a night-shift custodian at the high school and eliminating all the night custodians at Canalino Elementary School. The district is proposing that CHS, Rincon, and Canalino sharing one custodian.

What the proposed cuts do not show are:

1. That there are five teachers retiring at the end of the year and on the high school side, none of these positions will be filled by new teachers, thereby raising class size.

2. The Canalino library tech is retiring and her position will not be filled. (The district’s plan is to have the current Aliso library tech split their time between the two schools). This will seriously affect the libraries at both schools, as it will be very hard to run two successful programs.

3. The High School will lose weight lifting and sports medicine (two very popular classes).   

If the district needs to cut staff, I ask them why they are cutting people that interact with our kids on a daily basis? The cuts above only hurt our community. I ask that we all tell our school board what we think, write them, go to the meetings.

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