Drama Club

Carpinteria Middle School’s Spotlight Drama Club will perform “The Lunchroom” at the Alcazar Theatre on April 29.

Don’t miss the amazing student art show at the new Lynda Fairly Carpinteria Arts Center – Charles LoBue Gallery, featuring artwork by CUSD students, and sponsored by the Carpinteria Woman’s Club and the Santa Barbara County Alliance for Arts Education. This annual art contest highlights student creativity and artistic expression. You will be impressed. Please join us for a reception and awards ceremony on Tuesday, April 30, 6 to 8 p.m.

Art, music, dance and theater classes are integral to the education and development of all CUSD students. Pablo Picasso once observed, “Every child is an artist,” and it is expected that all California students fully participate in a “rich and well-rounded arts education.” To achieve this goal, the California Department of Education and the State Board adopted the “California Arts Standards and the Visual and Performing Arts Framework for California Public Schools, Kindergarten Through Grade 12.” The framework guides teachers in providing students with a variety of lessons for exploring, imagining, creating and performing. These artistic experiences build a wide variety of important skills, including investigation, collaboration, innovation and reflection, all of which are necessary for academic success in today’s classrooms and beyond.       

Each week CUSD elementary students benefit from highly engaging art, music,

dance or theater lessons from professional artists from the Children’s

Creative Project. This program brings together students and professional artists “to develop artistic perception, creative expression, aesthetic valuing, an understanding of artists and the creative process, and historical and cultural arts heritage.” We are grateful to the Carpinteria Education Foundation for funding this arts program on an annual basis. Elementary students also participate in weekly instrumental music lessons in orchestra or band with our CUSD elementary music teacher.

Carpinteria Middle School students showcase their artistic talents in variety of classes, such as art, band/orchestra and multimedia, and clubs, including the after-school Spotlight Drama Club, Bob Ross Art Club, Ukulele Club and Music Club. This year, CMS art students created a movie poster for “Ralph Breaks the Internet” which is now on display at the Disney Animation Studios; and student paintings and drawings of their grandparents are on display in the Faulkner Gallery in Santa Barbara. CMS student musicians have performed in concerts throughout the school year, the Rotary Talent Showcase, and in March, they joined the CHS band for an evening of music celebration. Students enrolled in multimedia produce a weekly Friday morning broadcast that informs and entertains the CMS community. The Spotlight Drama Club will produce “The Lunchroom” on April 29 at the Alcazar Theatre.

Performing arts at Carpinteria High School is centered on the Warrior Band, muses and choir under the direction of our highly talented veteran director, Elise Unruh. The Warrior Band is well known for outstanding performances at football games, concerts throughout the year, and special events such as the Russell Cup Opening ceremony last weekend. Every spring the Carpinteria community looks forward to the Muses’ annual musical, and this year the audience will be delighted with Disney’s Beauty and the Beast, May 25 at 7 p.m. Multimedia, fine arts and technology, entertainment arts and media classes are also offered to nurture high school students’ creativity and knowledge. This year, CHS has launched the National Arts Honor Society and students will be recognized for their artistic accomplishments in ceramics, art and advanced placement art classes.

Rincon students enjoy a unique opportunity to participate in the Teen Arts

Mentor Program at the Carpinteria Arts Center. Local professional artists are paired with the students across a diverse selection of visual, performing and literary arts during six-week sessions.

Diana Rigby is the current superintendent of Carpinteria Unified School District. She is focused on improving teaching and learning for all CUSD students and welcomes parent and community input and feedback. For more information about CUSD, log on to cusd.net, or contact Diana at drigby@cusd.net or (805) 684-4511x222.

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