The concept of a privately-owned, three-story, 40-room hotel—with extremely expensive rooms—to be built on the city’s beach parking lot is simply wrong.

It presents multiple egregious violations to city development guidelines: size, scale and character (sections CDS2A-b; CDS2-a; OSC-13b); visual resources (sections CD-3; CDS2-1) written to preserve mountains and ocean views and protect and strengthen existing visual connections; parking—public parking lots aren’t meant to disturb residential properties, yet 10 parcels of 25 households south-of-the tracks, that currently border open space, would be significantly deleteriously impacted by construction of new public parking against them.

It is wrong that the city would allow one developer to proceed building on public land at the expense of throwing 25-households under the bus. The hotel project isn’t financially viable without this element!  

The hotel, while only in the concept stage, has grown to 30-40 rooms on a parking lot that is only 100 feet wide. And what of setbacks? And of liability and exposure to air-pollution hazards, particulate matter and noise?

And what happens if they were to go bankrupt? (It is reported they have already done so before. Thankfully they were stopped from developing our beloved Bluffs!)

The city has a serious conflict of interest and exposure to great liability by allowing a private developer to build on city-owned land.

We the people of Carpinteria own a unique and precious urban wildlife corridor on the south side of the tracks. It is wrong to amputate the last open-space urban corridor to pave paradise and put up a parking lot! Social media comments demonstrate a more than 5 to 1 ratio of Carpinterians opposed to the concept of this hotel. One can only hope the city councilmen are listening. It is their job.

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I completely agree with the three letters in the Coastal View News in the July 11, 2019 issue regarding the private hotel proposed for building by the railroad train station. Thank you Lynda Callos, Debbie Murphy and Maria Daily for caring more about our lovely, small town than the Carpinteria City Council members seem to do - with the exception of the one clear thinking member, Vice Mayer Al Clark. Why is our Council not siding with the majority of our citizens? I live on the beach side of the railroad tracks and the summer traffic here is terrific - no parking spot to be found anywhere in this area. So why are we just a vote away, thanks to this City Council from having a worse mess? Siding with the want of tourist dollars, once again. Shame on you. I will sign this, gladly - Margaret Manville, and with permission, for my partner, J.D. Dixon

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