Today’s Democratic Party is all about power and control. And nowhere is that more evident than in the state of California. Gov. Newsom has ruled over California with an iron fist. He has issued some of the most severe lockdown restrictions, has been intent on closing churches and has been very slow to open businesses and schools. As a result, many small businesses have closed permanently, children have lost possibly a year of their education and many people have suffered from mental illnesses or are still in a state of fear. 

On Friday, Gov. Newsom revealed his latest grab for continued power. He went back on his word to lift the state of emergency for California on June 15. Never mind that he earlier boasted that California has “the lowest case rate and the highest vaccination rates.”

It is time for California to wake-up. Gov. Newsom does not care about average Californians, small businesses or for the education of our children. He is all about not giving up his power and control. The time has come. We need a new governor who will look out for the best interest of California and its residents.