I was shocked to see the self-check stands at our local Albertsons market and the Vons in Montecito. Let’s look at this: Checkers and other employees at our local markets have risked their own health and that of their families to be here for us during this Covid-19 pandemic. Now we are going to replace them with machines?

I understand that this is the wave of the future, but please don’t expect these employees to believe you when you tell them it will give them more hours. Who is doing that math? The company will have four check stands with just one live employee there to help and to sanitize the stations after each user, but the company won’t have to pay unemployment insurance, social security insurance, workers’ compensation, sick leave or vacation and holiday pay for those four stations.


I, for one, will not give up the friendships and professional helpers I have come to know and will not be using these self-check-out stations.


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