Our valley has been contaminated with nauseous, noxious air. We have a processing facility being programmed for the business park across from the Bluffs. You have investors coming in to town and placing their mark on our city…and the county continues to let it happen. What happened to our beach community? I still find it extremely hard to comprehend how the Carpinteria Unified School Board is justifying their students being exposed to the stench from the cannabis being grown right next to the school grounds. There is no evidence showing that this contamination is not going to jeopardize these children in the long run.

And we certainly continue to make the news, and not in a positive manner. Starting with California being the state with the most pot farms, followed by Santa Barbara County having the most pot farms in the state, and the really big one, CarPOTeria has the most pot farms! I did not see the word “beach” in there anywhere, did you? Unfortunately, the county can’t seem to get its act together and see that permits are in order and that the air contamination is resolved—as promised by the pot farmers. Shame on you for ignoring the rest of the agricultural industry in this valley as well as its residents.

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