This letter is in complete opposition to the building of a hotel on city property at the Carpinteria train station. Placement of a parking lot for the hotel's use on the other (south) side on city open space, adjacent to a quiet residential area not even connected to the hotel grounds, cannot be allowed. This full-blown multi-story hotel with inadequate parking, makes no sense. Putting a public parking lot adjacent to a quiet residential area is a bad idea and harmful to many Carpinterians.

This is an absurd notion that a private hotel developer should be granted building rights on Carpinteria's city property—on our busiest parking lot no less. If one researches arrangements like this, one finds a mixed bag in which bankruptcy enters the picture. The city residents therefore could very likely be left holding an empty bag. This is a postulate and doesn't have to be proven.

Input from affected residents is overwhelmingly against this ridiculous scheme. What is wrong with keeping this beautiful town adjacent to a beautiful beach and ocean, in the tradition it has always been as a peaceful, pleasant place to live? It's time the City Council stopped running amok with this grand scheme to the detriment of the residents.

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