Whether you are for marijuana cultivation or not, you should take the cannabis tour offered by CARP Growers at the Ever-Bloom Nursery on Foothill Road. It will open your eyes and mind to the enormity of the cannabis industry in our valley.  

I was astounded at the immensity and complexity of the operation. I had no idea it was so huge with even larger operations being planned mainly in the county. The tour began with an explanation of their economic necessity of switching from growing flowers to growing cannabis. The tour inside showed plants at various stages of growth and how they are cultivated into mature plants. This is a long and arduous process that is tightly regulated throughout its long journey into the final product.

There are still many unanswered questions concerning these vast cannabis operations. Such as: How does this operation affect climate change and how does climate change affect this operation? Where does any runoff from the greenhouses go? Is it harmful to the environment?

No questions were asked about the safety of the Byers System of odor control. Insects are imported for pest control. What impact would they have on our environment if some escaped? What are the long-term effects of these immense cannabis operations to our community? None of the cannabis workers wore any protective clothing or masks.

But my main curiosity was, what in the hell do they make here? Turns out, they don’t make anything, they just grow cannabis plants. But we got an idea of what for when they handed out samples to everyone at the end of the tour. It was an artfully packaged container holding a couple of “doobies” with the brand name Pacific Stone—joints rolled with Ever-Bloom cannabis, I presume. I was sort of disappointed that they didn’t make something that would be more beneficial to mankind, but the instructions did say “smoke responsibly.”

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