Lost in a sea of tweets that have hijacked the media, readers may have missed that Gov. Gavin Newsom formally apologized for the state’s part in the history of atrocities committed against thousands of native Californians and is considering the possibility of reparations.  

Some more economically motivated humans could see this as reason to seek restitution for what was taken from them. But in fairness we would have to go back to the time when homo erectus with their larger brains and ability to walk on two feet replaced earlier Neanderthals assigning them the distinction of the first derogatory nickname, knuckle draggers.  

Thank you to Gov. Newsom for taking this step to restore human dignity and civility to indigenous people who lost their homelands and sacred sites in the name of progress. And who lost the right to live on their land as a free people.  

Now that the discussion has been opened it should be interesting to see just how far mankind has evolved.  

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