In my 79 years on this normally beautiful planet, and for the last 58 years (since I began voting), I’ve considered myself a thoughtful person, in politics included. I’m a proud registered Democrat, who, in times of world duress, has voted Republican three times.  

The nation and the world has never been so divisive, such that you can cut the air we breathe! Yes, I tried to enlist in 1963 to get at the disrespectful and unthinkable actions of the Russians at the time, but President Kennedy thanked me, and told me I couldn’t go because I was a father—I tried.  

Now, this guy in our precious White House is nothing like our previous presidents. And the Republicans in the Senate, to their peril this November, will prove their unworthiness. Some have seen their erroneous ways and are now speaking up against the Orange One. Yet there are people, even right here in my beautiful native city of Carp, who shut their eyes at the erroneous actions of this president (on TV no less) and work to divide us.

Civil war?! Voting two times?! C’mon! It’s just his latest spoken idiocy. If the people I’m writing to can understand, perhaps they can see that I’m fed up with #45 and can hardly wait for my absentee ballot so I can finally get him out of office—despite his cries of foul before we vote. (A premonition also?) The closer Nov. 3 gets to us, I’m starting to see the light!   


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