How can City Council members sit back and let Governor Newsom dictate how our city should be run? Thank you, Gregg Carty, for standing up and saying that (his housing policy) undermines what our community has fought for for years.

And the Carpinteria Valley Association—unbelievable!  Never thought I would see the day when you would agree to more housing. You have stood against almost every project in the city for years. If Governor Newsom can stand up to the president of the United States on climate control, fuel emissions, sanctuary cities etc., certainly we have the right to stand up to Governor Newsom, before he destroys our small town.

Twelve-hundred-square-feet is not a granny flat; it is a house! And no parking allowed, if close to public transportation? Who in California doesn’t drive a car? Where are they going to park? Our town already has a parking problem, our parking lots and streets are already full and parking is often hard to find.

Where are the new roads, freeways, parks, etc. coming from to take care of all these new people? Sacramento can’t even keep up with the roads and parks as it is. Sorry, but I am against big government telling us what to do.

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