I have served the city for 26 years: 17 on Architectural Review Board and nine on City Council, including as mayor. During this time, I have lived by Rotary’s four-way test in the things I say and do. Is it the truth? Is it fair to all concerned? Will it build goodwill and better friendship? Will it be beneficial to all concerned?

My responsibilities include remaining unbiased in any decision, not forming an opinion before I have all facts and acting in the best interest of the city. I have done my best to never express my opinion on any matter being considered prior to receiving all facts and the item being considered at a council meeting.

In recent times, emotions have been running high concerning the proposed development of the Surfliner Inn on a downtown parking lot. Currently, no one has all the facts concerning this proposed development and therefore I am not in a position to support either side. I seem to have been considered someone on the “other side,” even though I have not supported either side and have respected friends on both sides of the issue. 

The reason the city did not initiate a ballot measure was because of the thousands of dollars it will cost.

Last week, an ad appeared in CVN that showed me appearing to support the initiative against the proposed development. I wish the group would have asked for my opinion or permission to quote me. 

My actual comment was to support the group for their efforts in trying to bring an initiative to an election for the people to vote on. I also stated that the City Council position is to make certain all the facts are brought out to educate the public should the initiative make it to an election.