Kudos to Don and Diana Thorn for presenting a cogent argument (whether I agree with it or not) for keeping the electoral college (“The electoral college matters,” Letters, Vol. 25, No. 41). But in their letter, the Thorns also reveal why they generate visceral, often negative responses to their letters. The Thorns seem unable to present an argument without passing judgment on liberals and progressives as uneducated socialists who threaten democracy. This does not get people to listen—it serves only to get a reaction.

It’s as if the Thorns have decided what life is all about and everyone else’s opinion or perspective (if it differs) is simply wrong. As a person who is aging, I’m learning from the Thorns that life is a very different experience when one decides to ask questions or to pass judgment first. One invites connection but requires an open mind, the other repels connection because it insists on an anchored mind.

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With all do respect, Maggie, In a state that is virtually controlled by the left, I ( we) feel it is important to present another view. No one is forcing anyone to act a certain way. With a media that is propagandizing for the Dems, social media giants censoring conservative views, and 90% of the media being leftists, it is important to see both sides of issues. Of course I (we) get a backlash. California is a one party socialist state. I ( we) have support from many people who are too intimidated or frightened to express their views. I for one, believe everyone has the right to express how they feel. Even conservatives, nationalists and constitutionalist. Sadly, the MS media, academia, Hollywood and socialist Dems are trying to silence or marginalize anyone who believes different from them. If you do not believe the Democratic Party is socialists, just listen to the Democratic presidential candidates.

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