The best choice for president in 2020 may be one of the lesser known candidates, Jay Inslee, governor of Washington State. Before moving to Carpinteria, we had over 20 years of “Jay Watching” from our Seattle home. We learned that he has been a remarkably approachable, empathetic, decent and hard-working person—rare qualities in an elected official. His innate intelligence, and his style of quietly working behind the scenes, consistently leads to innovative solutions to complex problems. We encourage you to look up his record as governor of Washington, including job creation and to compare this record to other candidates.

Jay made the bold decision to focus his presidential campaign on the climate crisis—which is appropriate given the magnitude of the threat. Indeed, Jay is one of the only presidential candidates who understands that the climate crisis is the major challenge facing us and that it must be addressed now. The world is rapidly losing a million species, sea levels are rising, and weather has become extreme, all in response to our warming the planet by burning fossil fuels. We are the last generation of people who will have the opportunity to avoid the worst-case scenarios of the climate crisis. Jay Inslee is the only candidate with a proven real-world track record of taking steps to reduce the use and impact of fossil fuels. Elections have consequences—history will not be kind to us if we do not elect leaders who will respond to the climate crisis. Jay Inslee may have been overlooked by mainstream media due to his being “somewhere around Canada,” i.e. Washington State. However, if you grasp the magnitude of the impending climate crisis, we believe you would want Jay Inslee as president. Choose wisely.

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