I have read your letters, Mr. and Mrs. Thorn, published regularly in CVN’s letter section. For years, I have been impressed by your passion and your patriotism.

I am, however, troubled by your consistently negative and derogatory comments, regardless of who is in the White House.

In my 4th of July class, I asked my students what they love about our great country and what they are grateful for. Their answers brought tears to my eyes. My favorite one came from a woman who has had a stroke, has some mental illness and has difficulty speaking her thoughts. It was “Despite it all, we manage to keep together and keep it going.”

As an educator in the health and wellness field, I know how detrimental it is to one’s health if one chooses to always focus on what’s wrong and to be so angry. I would enjoy a letter with your eloquent comments about what you feel is working and what you feel positive about. I believe that writing such a letter could make you feel hopeful and perhaps even happy. I hope you will take me up on my suggestion and I look forward to reading your insights.

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